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2020. 5. 6. · The recording process is straightforward. Log in to Power Automate, select My Flows, then UI Flows, then New. Select Desktop app or Web app, give the flow a name and base URL for the web site, and then launch the recorder..

Download the latest UI flows app and install it on your device (s). For each device on which you have installed the UI flows app: Sign into Power Automate. Expand Data on the left side of the screen. Select Connections. Edit the UI flows connection (s) that target your device. Enter your credentials for the connection, and then save it. Important.

Task completion funnels can be sketched on paper and used to explain user flows to other team members (such as developers) and are a clear and simple way of showing what the user wants. User flows are the ultimate representation of user experience. When design works to user flows - it ensures that users get exactly what they came for.




First, click the UI flow option. Then, we need to choose between these two options on how we'd like to build our UI flow— using Windows recorder or Selenium IDE. The Windows recorder option creates a UI flow that interacts through the desktop, while Selenium IDE builds a UI flow that interacts with websites.

Screenshots & Flows. The following are the NYC.ID screenshots: NYC.ID-01 Create Account. NYC.ID-01 Create Account: Name. NYC.ID-01 Create Account: Without Security Question. NYC.ID-02 Account Created. NYC.ID-03 Email Address Confirmed. NYC.ID-04 Email Confirmation Required. NYC.ID-05 Login.

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